‘Cause I’m almost there’

The past two weeks I am not going to lie have been a bit of a blur. I am struggling to pin point when and who did what. We knew we had much we wanted to tweak and fix, but being in from the crack of dawn and till all hours of the night gets you, so please excuse me if I forget some smaller details, but it has been hectic to say the least.

Scene one:

This scene should have been easier to fix than it was. Much of it Cassie fixed such as the camera where as I helped with the lighting of the scene and tidying that up as we were having problems again with how the light was interacting with certain objects. Furthermore when we re-rendered this, even though before we play blasted it multiply times before we hit render, the camera did this…

We don’t know why this happened, bar that there where 3 extra keys frames that where simply wrong. This took 2 days to render across two computers too so stress was high as to how we where going to re-re-render. But Cassie and Becca are miracle workers and managed to pull off just that.

Scene two:

Object wise, this scene was fine to fix. The camera was returned to the original position which worked well. We decided that Lumin would bump into the lamp after all much like my basic story boards showed, so Becca using the model created the animation movement for this which worked well with the rest of the objects and considering rules of 3 makes sense to have. The curtain Jordan and Becca tag teamed on to try to almost pay homage to the iconic psycho scene which I have previously discussed in other posts. This however when it came to rendering, again had the odd problem as the curtain for some reason would not take the ambient occlusion texture even though it had no reason not to show. However this was fixed in the end. As for the eyes we decided that it would be easier to just draw them 2D and add them in the editing stage, so Jordan created a movement, which Becca then reshaped and matched to suit the likes of the glasses frames. Also the pose to pose positions which where previously removed where added back to the scene which I was glad of course to see as I do feel it conveys her fall in a cleaner manner (but then again I would be bias on that point).

Scene three:

Not a great deal needed majorly fixed within this scene, so this was the easiest and the quickest scene to fix. So the light was fixed,  and then I changed the hand movement so then it shook add if it was being electrocuted rather than twisted. This all was fairly simple to do. However we where suggested that if we had time we could make hand prints or impressions of Lumin on it, and we could try and focus the ambient occlusion within that area. Becca decided to give this a try, looking into the likes of thermal tables or thermal camera and leaving a print. She created the sink in the bed as if Lumin was on it, but we both struggled to apply the ambient occlusion to that specific area, so instead we deiced to apply to the whole of the bed while made sense considering this is the way the other objects light up.

Scene four:

For the outro we decided that instead she would be caught mid action when removing the bulb. In order to do this, I had to reposition Lumin with the curtain around her across the bed. I decided to put her in this type of pose, with one arm stretched out and one leg lifted as if it is a balancing act. I also decided that if she was being caught mid pose, her focus would be on the bulb and then she would turn her head, so I decided to implement this movement. After this we realised that if she was electrocuted in a comical way, surely her hair would be crazy and static due to it as well with black on her face in the same comical style? So Becca then remodeled her hair for this as well as created a new texture for her face. We knew due to this change in stance Jordan would have to re draw the poster which her new pose which he did. Apart from tweaks with lighting tone and the pace of the door opening, not a great deal was changed with the set.

Re rendering the rest of these scenes went well enough, so it was on to putting it together!


I forgot just how much I enjoy editing footage, so I was happy to take charge of this section. Over 3 days I worked on getting the editing right, having Becca there as moral support and as a second opinion on things I was doing (as after all, it is my teams piece too). Cassie had kindly give me a list of things I needed to do to it as well which helped a great deal in understanding the footage and putting it together. This was a relatively smooth process however like everything else, it was not without it’s problems. The first one was that we wanted to add a glow to the bulb at the end and have the bulb plus in her hand, which was fine to do, bar that there was a strange ring black ring after the fall off of the light that appeared. This made no sense, however between the help of Conánn and Jonny, we where able to reduce this greatly. In addition to this smoke was added to the top of Lumins head much like an cartoon sequence. This was created by adding a particular simulation in after effects, playing about with the gravity and the direction of that, then making these white and blury so then it created this basic smoke effect. sa.jpg

Another major part I had to do was create the electrocution of the hand. However the scene was fine lighting wise, the ambient colour was probably too dark for the hand as you could barely see this. To solve this I decided the moment she would get electrocuted that, much like any cartoon electrocution that we looked at, it would brighten the electrocuted object a little bit, so this I did. I then used the advance lightening effect, creating individual lighting forks to make sure that they moved in the right mannerism. To help me understand this I looked at the following tutorial. Untitled

Furthermore, additional sound effects needed to be added and removed. A creak for the lamp swing and for the bed springs (please never google bed noises) however once we found some using freesounds, they where easy to add. It was removing the nurse’s line to redo it that was more awkward as I could not remove it form the mp3, so Cassie had to to create a new audio mp3 without it. Becca and I decided to take our Monty Python influence and instead make the last line a pun, going with “Well this is shocking”. The sound quality of this is not as good as the rest of the audio as it was done with a phone rather than Cassie’s fancy audio equipment, but I actually didn’t mind it as it did sound different from the reverbs audio and due to the echoiness of it it gave a sense of space in the room, so although it shouldn’t have, it did. A few other lighting effects, changes, and timing stuff was ironed out so then visually and audio it made sense. And the final animation was created. This will be shown in the next post though as I will be reflecting on it in that one, sorry to be a tease haha.


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